Editorial Art
I've been working on a different style for my editorial work.
Below are some examples of the direction I've been moving.
The Tweet Snatcher

This image was created in response to the Trump Administration's family separation of immigrants and the detention of almost 12,000 children. Published on thenation.com's OPP Art section

“The King of Toads”  illustrating a poem, as I am apt to write now and then.
Putin Pumpers

“A Parade of Putrid Putin Pumpers Peevishly Pout as POTUS Pummels the Pump to Promulgate Putin Piety.”

"Vanishing Innocence" An illustration based on the a story from the Moth Radio Hour in which a young girl understands the evil of Jim Crow laws and why her brother was a Freedom Rider.


“Freedom is on the March-- with Death”

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