Travel Sketches
A collection of drawings from my trips locally and abroad.
Alabama Gulf Coast, 2020
This was more of a mini-working vacation but here's my impression of
my flight there...during flu/corona virus season. 
Sketched while surrounded by people hacking, coughing and sneezing.
Barcelona, 2019
There are two cities that I absolutely love and would move to in a heartbeat 
were it possible and Barcelona is one of them. 

The Barcelona Birdman

Seen while wondering around Poblenou Cemetery. A family tries to fight the effects of time and pollution upon a crypt carvings.

Portugal, 2019
The second city, and country, that fills a warm place in my heart is Lisbon and Portugal.
Here's a few images from that trip.

The Swedes of Cascais playing Péntanque.

The street vendors. A series of drawings from my accordion fold sketchbook.

The lonely used toy salesman.


The argument over the lack of sales.

My wife didn't quite understand the conversion between Dollars and Euros.
Maui, 2014
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