The judges of the Illustration West 62 Show sponsored by the Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles has deemed my Comic "Barkegaard" worthy of the Gold Award for Cartoons!
As a proud member of The Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles, I would like to them for the support and encouragement that they've given me over the years. If you are an illustrator and looking for a great organization to join, sign up to SI-LA.
This comic was originally published in issue 27 of The American Bystander. I also owe a huge thanks to Mike Gerber, the editor of The American Bystander. He pushed me to create the one page version of this comic and his support for all the comics I've run in his magazine has been a guiding force in my creative development.
If you love Humor and Comics, do yourself a favor and subscribe to The American Bystander.
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