I'm Ed. I live in the Pacific Northwest and my business is visualizing your imagery and animation ideas
I work with small to medium size businesses and publications across the country who require a dedicated professional illustrator with a varied skillset and styles to create visual impact.
They say it takes TEN thousand hours to become an expert in any field. Thanks to working in the New York City advertising and graphic design industry for nearly twenty years before moving to the Pacific Northwest, I've spent FIFTY thousand hours to become expert in my various skills!
Thanks to all this experience there's very little that I'm not prepared to handle but I'm always up for a new challenge.
Illustrator, Graphic Designer,  Animator and Videographer are just a few of the talents of which are in my toolbox. Looking to get those ideas floating around your head into the real world? Then make use of those thousands of hours in skill and give me a shout!
Contact ME!
Thank you!
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