Beware The Anti-Vax Nurse
This pandemic is showing us
the true monsters in our midst.

I take special exception with those who call themselves a "Nurse," yet are vehemently against any vaccine to quell this pandemic, nor can accept that Covid-19 is a threat to be taken seriously.

The main reason for my extreme enmity towards these frauds of false healing is that my mother was a REAL nurse. She dedicated decades of her life to treating and curing disease. She also devoted time to learning current medical knowledge, not spending her time being indoctrinated by social media lies and hoaxes. During her time as a nurse she dealt with major pandemics and local epidemics  such as polio, H3N2, and AIDs, as well as TB, for which she had to quarantine away from her family until she knew she wasn't infected. She eventually worked her way up to be the Head nurse at a hospital in Upstate NY. That was true  dedication to the wellness of others.

Unlike those who whine about having to take a vaccine which, contrary to their beliefs, has been in development for 20 years.  It further galls me when they think that if they've had Covid-19 they're immune to variants and won't infect others. This tells me they aren't very good at their job, nor stay current with medical  knowledge. Such self-centered indolence is unfit to care for others.


On a related note, I recently decided to dive head first into using the new Ipad Pro and Procreate as my main illustration tools. Now I could have made a moderately funny cartoon about the Anti-vaxx imbeciles, but I opted for the challenge of going old school for the look of an 19th century etching. I gotta admit, Procreate didn’t let me down on that.

As for the poem, it riffs on a poem about plague that was written by Mourdo Young in the early 19th century. Yes I know, it's not an easy limerick format.

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