People sometimes don't believe me when I talk about the variety of skills I possess...or the people I have worked with...or the impossible projects I've done.
These conversations invariably lead to showing the work to prove my abilities, my veracity, and my tenacity.
The following is a 32pg. comicbook which I created in scratchboard over the course of 30 days in collaboration with Darren Aranofsky for his first real feature film, Pi. The comicbook was published by Dark Horse and was also used as a promotional tool for the film. 
The comicbook is currently out of print but if you see a copy floating around on Ebay for less than $20, by it. That's a steal. I've seen them go for much higher. Especially the ones that are signed by Darren.
But not to worry, I posted an electronic version of the comicbook up on the internet archive for all the freely view.
1) Yes, it was grueling to produce that many scratchboard drawings in that time span.
2) Yes, I did use some photoshop on the finals (but it was very minimal.)
3)  Yes, Darren is a really great guy and filmmaking genius. It was a real honor working with him and getting to know him.
There's even more about the project on the Internet Archive. Scoot over there to check it out.
The front cover of Pi-The Book of Ants.
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