Tryon Creek State Park PSA
I was tasked to produce a few videos to promote Tryon Creek State Park in Portland, Oregon. This video was the first of many. It's a short 30 second PSA in which I animated the hyper and exasperated, ecologically minded statements being said by a seven year old boy. 
It just goes to show that, sometimes the best copy writing is that which is spoken by children.
In regards to the animation, I wanted to make something which mirrored the child's emotional state and evoked how a child would see the world. I chose to make it look as if it were pages from a children's book.
Here's the second video of the Tryon Creek State Parks promotion.  
In this one, we hear from the park's day camp kids as to why the park is important.
About Tryon Creek State Park:
The mission of the Friends of Tryon Creek State Park (Friends) is to conserve and enhance the natural resources, and promote the educational, interpretive, and recreational programs of Tryon Creek State Natural Area. The Friends work in partnership with Oregon State Parks and Recreation Department (OPRD), and rely on the continuing support of an active volunteer base and membership. Their partnership with OPRD enables them to offer high-quality education and interpretive programs to the public at minimal cost, and to offer resources for environmental restoration and facilities. For more info go to :
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