Zeke The Berserker!
I started Escape from Clowntown, a Substack newsletter, as a fun way to distribute comics I've created since the venues for humorous multi-page comics are few and far between.

Substack provides an easy interface for publishing and gaining subscribers. I also like that you can couple your newsletter with a podcast.

I just wanted to make others aware of the company as an alternative to traditional publishing. It takes a bit of work to build up your subscriber base, but I consider this a combination of a publishing experiment and a little sandbox were I can make some fun creations which hopefully amuse and build a fan base.

Here's the First Page from a Three Page story I posted on Substack. It uses my dog, Zeke, as inspiration. If you want to see how it turns out I'd love it if you check out the site and leave a comment on what you think about the format or comic.

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